What Is Garmin Overlander and How Does It Work?

The Overlander is a multi-satellite navigator GPS device. It is pre-loaded with a vast USGS Quad map topographical data for various countries, like USA and Canada. To enjoy the features of Garmin Overlander, the users have to install another app called “Garmin Explore app”. Through this app, you can have a lot of additional features added to your device. Garmin GPS Map Update provides comprehensive features, that you will need to download from the explore app. There you will also get a track recorder that will help you to logs, and track your speed and altitude. The mode of this drive is 3-D landscapes that allow you to see the roads and terrain along with standard turn-by-turn navigation.

The Overlander can be paired with Garmin InReach devices to provide the access of various functions, like text messaging, weather reports and emergency-assistance capabilities, including SOS notifications. Also, the Overlander can be synchronized with your smartphone as well as Garmin’s BC-35 backup camera through the Bluetooth feature only.

Launching and switching on the device in our commute

Garmin Overlander
  • Use the screw, provided to you with the product and fix the ball adapter to the magnetic mount.
  • Take a small piece of cloth and clean the suction cup along with windshield to make them dry.
  • After pressing the suction cup inside the windshield, then you have to flip the lever clockwise.
  • Using the double socket arm, you have to align the suction cup’s mount ball and the magnetic mount.
  • The knob of both the mounts should be fixed properly.
  • The Garmin log over the powered mount should face the right side of the arrangements. For better results of your views and operations, try to adjust the mount.
  • Again the knob should be tightened slightly for the safety of the mount.
  • Plug the power cable of the vehicle on the mount through the port.
  • The back of the device should be placed into the mount.
  • The power cable should be used to plug the vehicle and the device with each other, and then power on the source.
  • To turn the device on, either connect the device to the power outlet or press the power key of the device.

While your device is on, press the power key again to keep your device in power-saving mode. The benefits of putting your device in the power saving mode, is your device will look like screen off and will be in a rest mode, but it can be awakened instantly and can save a lot of power of your battery. It also enhances the life of your battery. A power-saving mode will also fasten the charging time of your device. If you want to turn off the device, then you need to hold the power key for 6-8 seconds and then a prompt will appear to you, asking to switch off the device. Click the option and your device will be switched off instantly.

 Use your cloud storage and other waypoints with Garmin Overlander Explore

All the mobile app and Garmin Explore websites help the users to plan and implement their trips very sophisticatedly. The users can even use the tracks and routes with advanced planning via both the way, like online and offline. The users can even share and synchronize them with their device using this interesting application. With the help of Garmin Explore and Garmin Express, you can even have your Garmin maps update or Garmin GPS update in a quick and easy way. The included apps inside the app help to download and access the maps offline. You can use these updates and downloads without using the internet service of your mobile or router.  These apps can be downloaded from the Apple play store or the Google play store.

How to login to the GARMIN Explore account in our Overlander?

  • If we are using the device for the first time, then we need to login to the Garmin account for the first time.
  • Select the explore account
  • To agree with the terms and conditions of the app, click at the checkbox to accept the conditions.
  • If you exit the terms and conditions page, then you won’t be able to use the app.
  • Click to NEXT option and there will be two options for you, you have to select one of them.
  • One of the two options will ask you to synchronise your device data with your Garmin explore account automatically, and then use “Sync My Data” and if you want to create a Garmin Explore account without synchronizing the data, then you have to select Not Now.
  • If you have or you have just created the Explore account, then you have to enter the email address and the password then you can select NEXT.
  • If you are to create the account in Garmin Explore App, then click to the option “Create One”.
  • In the end, you have to follow the onscreen instructions to create or log into the Explore Account of the Garmin.
  • Now you can enjoy your Garmin Overlander and can have the Garmin GPS update at your fingertips.

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