Hello guys Krysten Ritter here and today I want to tell you why the both of you see me you sing in this video is a scam. These several small diving tanks were first made to be a backup tag for scuba divers if the regular main tank failed and for that, it works just fine but lately especially in the past 3 years it has been popping up under different brands and names as a recreational diving tank that everyone can buy it and have fun with and filled with a had bought and it works.

So, why is this a scam that is because of what they are promising they sell these with a hand pump to pump it up with, and in the promo video for this product you see the people having fun pumping up these tanks laughing, and then swimming around and then popping them up again and I’m just having fun but in fact pumping up 1 of these bottles 2 200 bars which is what you want them at if you’re going to have the full and you want these full because they’re very small that will take you at least 20 to 25 minutes of hard work I for sure would not find that much fun and I bet you if I bought this tank and did this 10 times I would for sure find is way too much work?

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I would rather just go free that means that. Because it’s much less work to train yourself to hold your breath for 4 minutes that it is popping up every time good fair enough they don’t say how much work it is to fill them so I will let them go to get away with that let’s have a look how much fun you get for all that hard work many of the sellers of these products and thanks to other types that you can breed up to 10 minutes on the Walter with this how a fleet of tanks and up to 20 minutes with the one-liter tanks filling up on the third tank would take you about an hour to do with the hand pump, by the way, how long can you really do with this bay watch style diving tanks on average a diver uses 25 liters of air per minute so hopefully to tank field to 200 bars equals 25 meters at 20 what 5 liters per minute that gives you about 4 minutes of breeding time.

And that is only if you stay at the surface and not dived out. If you dive down to 10 meters which is more likely what you would do that with these air tanks the air consumption doubles and you will get about 2 minutes of driving time from how fleet of tanks and if you’re just staying at the surface you can just as well use a snorkel I myself use much less air than the average driver and when I did a dive with the 1.one meter minute dive scuba tank at 5 meters depth trying to preserve as much air as a kid I got about 9 minutes of driving time and that was without 300 bar tank which gives me 300 liters of air so claiming that you can get 10 minutes of driving time with just 0 liters.

it straight out a lie and a scam I did a 100-meter swim with the spare air tank you can see in the video right now at the surface that took me 2 minutes and 15 seconds and after that I was out there by the way minute dive is not one of the products I’m criticizing here their marketing is what you get if you want to learn more about manta dive you can click on the link in the description below and you can see my review of the middle my opinion if you want to exhaust yourself by using 20 minutes to fill a tank you can use for 3 minutes at the time go ahead and buy it.

On the other hand, if you have a scuba tank at home you can feel these tanks with that and that will take you just a minute. You can also use a compressor. Or you can learn how to free dive and you will never need a tank like this. Hope you like this video and have a nice day.

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