How to get Garmin GPS MAP update on your Garmin Device?

Most of the time, we get sick of Siri or Google assistance, to search for an address. In that case, an onboard Garmin GPS MAP update unit is very useful for the users.  We just need to give an order for wherever we want to go, and we’ll find the way within a minute. For getting an accurate and quick guide on the way of our journey, we need to update the map on regular basis, as the routes and layouts of the area keep on changing time to time, and new routes and highways have continuously been adding to the map of the world or an area. You can use the Garmin Express application for your various devices, like Drive, DriveAssist, Zumo, Nuvi, or any other model in the lineup. Here’s an easy, step-by-step guide is being provided to you on how to perform Garmin GPS update.

Garmin GPS MAP update

Step 1. Connect your Garmin device to your computer

Get the device out from your car, truck, or whatever the commute that you will be using. Do not switch off the device; it must be powered-on. Have a mini USB cable and connect the GPS Device to your computer or laptop. If you are login to the first time, then you have to log in first to your “Garmin Account” before initialising the process.

Step 2. Install the app “Garmin Express” for your Garmin GPS map update

Navigate the search bar to the Garmin Express download page and install the latest version of Garmin express app. At the download page, you would have two options, either download for the window, or download for the Mac; there you have to make a choice between the two. After downloading the appropriate file, click the key that indicates to install the app, and follow on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.

Step 3. Access or purchase the Garmin GPS Map update for your device

If you find any kind of error while installing or downloading the update, then you need to check for your internet connection. If downloaded and installed the application properly, then you have to open the app and at the add tab “+” click the symbol to add your GPS device to the app. After that fins for the available updates inside the app, if you get an updater, then you can click on the update to get it instantly. There will be chances to have one or more than one update available for your device. You have the chance to either select all or only a few of them.

4. Disconnecting the device from the computer or the laptop

After getting the Garmin GPS map update installed completely for free of cost, you can remove the device from the computer by disconnecting the USB cable. Now carefully install your GPS back to your vehicle. Now, you can you use your GPS device the way you want. There is a possibility that you could have a storage issue while downloading the update. In that situation, you can have an external memory card and can install it inside your GPS Deice. The memory card can be used up to 64 GB. If you are unable to get the memory card, then you have to select a smaller region that can be adjusted to the available space of your device, and then you can initialize the process.

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