All new Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip

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What’s happened everyone and happy new year I can’t believe we’re in 2020 another year here we go. So I recently got back from a whole bunch of traveled the beginning of the year was absent credible and I got a nice gift in the mail from my friends over at Sony this is their latest wireless shooting device it’s a grip who has a really interesting name is the G. P. V. P. T. 2 B. T.

Sony GP-VPT2BT Wireless Shooting Grip

I don’t know how I remembered that but I’ve been using this for the last few days and I gotta say it’s really made shooting taking videos and photography a lot simpler for me and I put together a list of reasons why I think you guys should definitely consider getting one of these so let’s begin reason number one it’s fully wireless uses Bluetooth wireless communication which means you can simply aim and shoot with no cables in your way now this is huge for me because of all the devices.

I’ve been using the passcode was super long annoying cables I’m so used to devices about 0 wires and connecting courts and everything like that but because there are no wires there’s nothing getting in your way I think that makes a super useful when you’re shooting and of course a lot less stressful number 2 the design is contoured for the best hold and comfort and I kid you not the group can easily become a tripod for hand-free product use the placement of the bonds and controls also makes it super easy to handle and operate number 3 functionality improvements and angle flexibility I mean what more can I say with the new grip you are able to switch between normal and self-orientation very quickly.

Which increases your chances of getting that shot that you want a tilt function also has been added to make it easy to set up and provide you with the ideal angles for a wide range of subjects and different viewpoints now what I meant by the whole accessibility aspect of the actual grip is that they’ve added a whole bunch of features that make it super flexible the first is a bun right here that you can switch right away and it goes from a selfie camera to. The normal shooting handheld grip now the other thing is that they have a button on the side here which is just the angle so you can decide whether or not you want a film like this one take a picture like this it really allows you to control the grip much better and also having it as a stand.

I think it’s extremely useful if you ever need to place a camera down anything if you want to long exposure you have so many more options now available to you number for dust and moisture resistance lack of cables thankfully allows connector covers to stay close for maximum dust and moisture resistance this is amazing for filming foodstuff if you’re close to a body of water if you’re really afraid of getting any of your gear really wet or you know in a situation where they might get dirty you don’t have too much to worry about here number 5 compatibility it’s compatible with a variety of Sony’s cameras including the A. 7 R. mark for the A. 9 the A. 6100 and many others you can see the full list in the link I’ve included down below number 6 price now the new grip is very affordable and a bang for your Buck it’s roughly $140 USD which makes it extremely easy for someone to afford and the benefit is that it’s going to make everything so much easier for you and hopefully make you able to generate more value and therefore pay it off faster I got so that’s all for today’s video.


I hope you did enjoy the very quick review I think the product is excellent I definitely recommend it highly and if you guys do have any questions or if you want to find out more information about it I’m gonna leave all the information down in the description box below Sony did a press release and they have a whole bunch of information that they’ve also included there so anything I haven’t said I’m sure you’re gonna finds it there as well and you can always leave questions for me as well and as always want you guys to remember to like subscribe and comment I’ll see you guys all very soon, please.